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Used Key is always bright - By Vibhu Ashok

This thought is very important for everyone of us, it have many implications...I have seen many people out there who count a person’s value according to the age, like if he/she is old, then they pay respect to him/her... partially I agree with that approach..

It is necessary to respect the age of a person, but along with it most important is his experience, what he had learned from life or profession (depends on perspective), and for experience, age is not important, rather the wisdom that is gathered by him carries immense value.

So if there is a young person, who have more wisdom than us, then he should be respected for it, he have something that we do not have, at this time, it becomes important that we should put aside our ego and make ourselves available for learning..

Because “Experience always counts”

~ By Vibhu Ashok

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