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Rutherford's Tale of Love & Wisdom By vibhu Ashok

Today, I am introducing Rutherford Chronicles to you, it is a small effort from my side to enter into amazing world of fiction

So without wasting any single moment , here is first part of it :

Most of the times life seem to be like a puzzle, which is eagerly waiting to be solved, but what happens when we try to solve it....that puzzle redoubles its effort to get more complicated than ever, some of us put more efforts to come to a solution but most of us just leave it as it is, and move to next best thing, as if by heading in that direction and pretending that puzzle is not there, we are getting past ahead it... but you know the reality behind it is, nothing disappears, how could be run away from life... How can we move past our own existence.....?
These are the thoughts that are going on inside Rutherford... as he was standing at the seashore...watching over the waves, how they rushes toward him and then move back to origin, but they repeat it again and again, it looks like they wanted to tell him, “look at us, how we never get tired of trying, in fact we find joy in the thing that we are still trying to reach our goal “

So now with new resolve, he gets back to the life...looking at it from new perspective.....

Rutherford Chronicles © 2013 Vibhu Ashok

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