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Time Relapses ~ By Vibhu Ashok

Time relapses
speaks in language unknown
Feelings buried deep inside
Sensing them...turning those chapters...
One thinks, it is gone forever

Then one day
out of blue..Like a flow
They appear
As if mist is lifted
what to say, how to proceed
Millions of questions...

Those moments
Crucial phases of life
I remember you
Feel your embrace
Yet you are nowhere
I know lapsed in time unknown...

Such is enigma
Your presence
Hidden and revealed at same time
I wonder...I wonder and wonder
Couldnt figure it out...

It is the intimate relationship we share
Feeling you every moment
Sharing the depth of soul
I bare everything...

Let it go.. Let it go
love, pain,hurt,compassion
All at same time
Giving everything to you
Take it...
I surrender

~ Vibhu
© 2014 Author Vibhu Ashok

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Silence May be my voice

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