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Unbounding self from self ~ By Vibhu Ashok

I have seen transformations
Changing colours of Autumns
Felt the wisps of spring
Touched the warmth of winter
letting the breeze of summer,
Take me to soothing places of love...

Everything expressing vividly
Flying across those oceans
I have traveled unknown places
Observed changing scenarios
All the happiness & beauty...

Curiosity that drives me
Explorations after explorations
On and on...
so much diversity
Yet everything is united,
In its essence...

Back and forth
To that source
The divine energy
I felt it every moment
Transforming visions, feelings...

Letting it unfold, change
Unbounding self from self.
I accept...yes I do...

~ Vibhu
© 2014 Author Vibhu Ashok

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Silence May be my voice

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