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I have seen love, as this moon
Felt it as this breeze
Inhaled it as this fragrance
Indulged in it 
Nothing compares to the beauty,
Sense of bliss that flows through

On those drops of dews
On the petals of rose
Under those slowly unfolding lotus
Above the lilies
It is Omniscient as air
Transient as this water…

In every glance 
In those hazel eyes 
Sweetness that flows through
In those words 
Dripping as drops of rain
Sensed it in awe...


Text © 2017 Author Vibhu Ashok

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Vibhu Ashok

What is Love?

Happy Valentines Day to all my beloved friends here and everywhere: 

Since a decade you have showered me with your love, I seeped in the warmth of this beautiful expression, each like from you, every comment that follows, for me it is deep expression of love. I reciprocate the same for you.I dedicate this prose to all those who had expressed their love for me in past and present, our connection means a lot to me, it doesn’t matter whether we meet often or not, but love remains forever :

Everything that is around and beyond
Love is only reason for existence
Our universe shatters down in its absence
It makes life worth while
Without it we are nothing…

The deep blue sky
Filled with clouds
When we look at it
The lightness that we feel inside
What is it?
It is love…

This breeze that touches us in evening
Fragrance that seeps inside our heart
Fills us with immense joy
It is love…
Deep murmur of flowing river
Circles emerging in a pond
Warmth felt in winter
Cold air in summer
What are these?
Expression of love
What else, if not love…

In the night when we look above
All the starts shines bright
They hang in there
They amaze us with vastness
What is the reason for there existence?
It is love…

All these emotions
That makes us fly beyond
The language that universe speaks
It is love…

Reach to the depth of soul
There soft notes are playing
Within the deep shadows of consciousness
Since eternity,
a lamp is burning bright
All the longing and yearning
That sweetness of being one with music
It is all that is, love
Yes my dear, it is love…

Let’s take a dive into it
The ocean of love…

~ Vibhu

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Vibhu Ashok

I am Love…


Love comes naturally to me
I can't stop loving,
Even if it's not reciprocated
I still love...

Often I am asked
Why is it like this with me 
Answer is simple my dear 
If not love, then what else matters?

My whole existence is love
Nothing else 
Nothing else 
I will love you,
without asking anything in return

Just love for love's sake...
~ Vibhu

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Vibhu Ashok