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I wonder, what lies ahead...

Path that I am treading
leading to endless distance
Everything seems to be an illusion
Covered in veil of mystery
I wonder, what lies ahead

Without any doubt, I can say
Beautiful it is,
Shall I compare it with a dream?
is it a dream within a dream?
Depth of the world that surrounds me,
seems to be a different realm
Where everything belongs to me,
Yet it eludes me.
I wonder, what more lies ahead

At times, I seem to be lost
Outward appearance tells another story
Yet within, I know
Home is far away, far far away
People around tries in vain
When one knows better,
then how can he accept the perishable joys
Offering of this existence are nothing,
As compared to bliss that waits beyond,
I wonder, what lies ahead

To be honest, to be clear
Nothing matters to me any more
Bring me pleasure or pain
It’s just reflection of mind
Its farthest reach is this transitory body
My core remains unaffected, unflinching

What matters to me
Is to go beyond, enough is enough
No more entanglements
No more worries of future
No more rumination of past
Just now,
What matters to me
It is now, what else…
Let us go beyond,

No more wondering about what lies ahead
Come travel with me to the path ahead….

~ Vibhu

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Vibhu Ashok


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