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Soulful Connection…

Beyond sprawling space of mind
Transitioning from a darkness to morn
Feeling unbound in vastness
Letting go all the restrain
Finding myself in nothingness
What is it?

As I move from one moment to another
Timelessness becomes part of me
No boundary...No regret
Absolutely nothing could hold me
I am free in eternity
How is it?

Painted on ceilings
Written on dunes of time
It is my story or is it yours?
Does is it matter
What does is intensity
How we feel this breeze
This moment
Yes, this and nothing else matters…

Come…Come with me
Let me take you to world beyond
Where nothing exists, except,
A soulful connection…
You and me,
Me and you…

~ Vibhu

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Vibhu Ashok


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